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Outlook – Forms Add In / Quick Poll

Outlook has allowed you to poll people since the 90’s using the Voting Buttons. However through various iterations of Outlook they've got lost. With Office 365 you have the Forms Add In for Outlook that lets you create user friendly polls easily. Watch this short video to see [...]

Teams Switches

Shortcuts are a great way to work faster. Teams utilises a shortcut feature called switches. Switches are activated from the Search box by typing the / Watch this short video to see out top five [...]

Teams – Share Screens

Ever tried to describe what is going on with your computer to someone over the phone. It can be frustrating. If you have Teams there is no need to keep getting frustrated, use the Share option from a Chat, Call or Meeting. It even works on most mobile devices as well. Watch this short video to see [...]

Word – Block Authors

Co- Authoring in Word makes it quick and easy for multiple parties to work on a document and get the job done. However what if you want to stop your fellow co-authors from editing certain paragraphs? You can block them. They can still edit other parts of the document but not step on your toes. Watch this short video to see [...]

Archive Teams in Teams

Some Teams have a life cycle e.g. Projects, Recruitment etc. Once these are finished you don't want further content to to be added to them or changes being made. At this point you'll want to archive the Team. Watch this short video to see [...]

Convert Function in Excel

You can do all sorts of unit conversions using Google these days. However what if you need these to be recorded and want them to be smarter. This is where you use Excel's Convert function. Watch this short video to see [...]

SharePoint Info Button

The Info button in SharePoint makes it quick and easy to view activity on libraries, apps, documents and items. It also lets you update a single document or item and bulk update multiple documents or items easily. Watch this short video to see [...]


Index and Match let's you take lookup functionality to the next level. Watch this short video to see how to use Index and Match to apply different discount rates based on the product and number you [...]