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Teams Meetings

Meetings scheduled through Teams let you share content, record the meeting and make the meeting more accessible, you can join from anywhere that you can connect to the internet. Watch this short video to see how to schdeule Teams [...]

Excel Datedif

Datedif lets you calculate the difference between dates and display the result in whole Years, Months or Days.  It is particularly useful for tracking years of service, warranty terms, reporting cycles and age. Datedif is not found in Excel's function list you just need to be in the know. Watch this short video to see [...]

Translate documents with Word

Translating a document from one language to another is straightforward using Word. Watch this short video to see [...]

Use Flow to turn @mentions in emails into Tasks

Flow lets you automate all sorts of tasks and processes in Office 365. Watch this short video to see how we use Flow to automatically take an email where we are @mentioned and add it as a task in the To do [...]

Pin websites to view later

When you come across a website that you'd normally favourite try the Pin feature instead. Pin lets you keep key websites open while keeping tabs down to a minimum. Watch this short video to see [...]