Are you ready for the move to COVID-19 Level 3?

Are you ready to track visits of your staff to other workplaces, or visitors to your workplace?

It’s not just tracking visits.  You have an obligation to check you are not exposing your staff to Covid-19 either in your workplace or where they visit.  If the government agencies asked you for a list of contacts – visits or visitors, could you give them a list immediately?  Saying “I will get the list to you tomorrow” would be totally unacceptable! You will have to produce the information when asked.

We’ve developed a FREE PowerAPP to help you with this.  (There might be some modest costs of an hour or two to help you install it).

[wow_colorme]Log your visitors and log where you visit.[/wow_colorme]

There are two versions of the app – one for people visiting you, and one for tracking visits by your staff.   This gives you an audit trail for your own contact tracking and helps you stay safe.

Contact us for a copy of the app,  It’s a great example of how we can help you unblock business processes using Microsoft 365.



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[wow_colorme]Get your free COVID-19 tracing app[/wow_colorme]

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This app is free  – but there may be modest installation costs of an hour or two to set it up for you.

Disclaimer – you need to have Microsoft 365 and PowerApps to access this app.


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