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Pin websites to view later

When you come across a website that you'd normally favourite try the Pin feature instead. Pin lets you keep key websites open while keeping tabs down to a minimum. Watch this short video to see [...]

Add key web pages to your Taskbar

Important websites can get lost when you favourite them. With Edge and Windows 10 you can add web pages to your taskbar so you have an icon for them instead. Watch this short video to see [...]

Capture Screenshots in Outlook

Screenshots can make it easier to convey information, from instructions to error messages to key data. In all of the core Office applications there is an insert screenshot icon. Watch this video to see how to use it in [...]

@mentions in Teams

@mentions let you bring a conservation to the attention of a person, channel or team in Teams. Watch this video to see [...]

Mark Unread Messages as Read when Deleting

When you delete an unread message it is still marked as unread in the Deleted Items folder. This can lead to confusion and unwanted items appearing in searches later on. This video shows you how to keep things tidier and mark messages as read when you delete [...]

Send an email into Teams

Teams is great for posting and keeping track of conversations as they evolve. However you'll probably find that some conversations and discussions still commence in Outlook. This video will show you how to take an email from Outlook and quickly turn it into a Teams [...]