Best Practice Review

Reduce your risk and get more from your IT Investment

Reduce risk and ensure your technology fits your business


Technology is complex and constantly changing. It can be difficult to keep up to date and understand what is relevant to your organisation; what things are you doing that you should stop doing, and what things are you not doing that could provide real value? The Kambium Best Practice Review is a process that helps you understand what your priorities are and helps you put a technology roadmap together to achieve them. The Best Practice Review is the first step to thinking more strategically about your technology decisions.

The Best Practice Review is not an audit, an audit tends to be very technical and focuses on what is wrong. The Best Practice Review turns the conversation around and focuses on the business problems and goals first, and then looks at how we might apply technology to help. It is a way to start conversations to help you understand what is important.

  • Scalable depending on your needs, choose from just a simple review to a more comprehensive report that can be the starting point for a strategic IT plan. The review includes sizing indications, so you know the cost or effort implications of recommendations.
  • Working through more than 150 different elements, our process ensures your report focuses on the areas relevant to your business strategy.
  • We focus on ‘why’… not ‘what’.
  • We help you identify the IT priorities for your organisation. These are the things you need to focus on to achieve your strategic and short-term goals.
  • No stone is left unturned. Our process ensures that you consider every aspect of your IT.
  • The Best Practice Review report gives senior executives and directors a crystal-clear view of how they are managing the risks and benefits of IT for their organisation.

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