Digital transformation elevates our ways of working end SHOULD be exciting. However, we often find organisational change leads to confusion, resistance, and even negative perception.

Here are 3 common scenarios so you know can be overcome with a Change Management plan.

Scenario #1: Lack of stakeholder engagement. Stakeholders, at all levels of an organisation, are vital to gaining buy-in, providing feedback and participating through the change process. Not involving stakeholders, or not involving the right stakeholder groups, leads to poor adoption and uptake of the technology. A core role of a Change Manager is stakeholder engagement.

 Scenario #2: Communications are too technical. Technical projects made up of technical experts. Generally speaking, most end users are not as digitaly savy. The Change Manager will support to translate technical jargon or instructions into “everyday user communications to prevent confusion.

 Scenario #3: Time crunch. Lack of awareness of what the technology change means for the various stakeholders groups and what they need to do to prepare. Time is required to prepare for change, such as learning about the new digital capabilities or attending training sessions. A Change Manager will plan, prepare for, and may deliver the required training.