Now, more than ever, is the need to use technology to streamline activities, create efficiencies and improve digital capability.

2020 has disrupted the way in which we work. We have shifted to remote working and the necessity for cloud-based applications has never been more present. Although some of us may be back in the office, the hybrid model of office/remote work isn’t going away any time soon.

This has never been a more important time to take stock of your technology and user adoption.

Is the technology being used as intended?

  • What are (or were) the goals of the purchase decision for the item of technology and are they being achieved?

  • Are the users of the technology asset skilled in the usage of the device?

  • Are the operating costs and, if applicable, revenue goals, being achieved?


Is the technology being utilised to its full extent? Are you maximising the value of your investment?

  • Can we better use the technology to improve output, productivity and streamline workflows?
  • Can we improve the user experience?

If not, then an analysis may be needed to check that the assumptions at the time of making the investment decision are still valid, and to reassess the relevant costs involved in addressing any outcome gaps.

At Kambium we are solution and people driven. We help to unlock business processes to use your technology smarter, improve productivity and focus on the people to facilitate user adoption.

Let Kambium help you adapt to new ways of working.