We’re starting to see more organisations recognising the importance of Change Management alongside Project Management. This is great step in the right direction, it has long been acknowledged that 70% of projects fail due to low user acceptance, but employing Change Management increases the success rate of projects 6-fold.

A key part of Change Management is training your people, so they are ready, willing and able to adapt to the changes being introduced. We know it makes a significant difference when the Change Manager is also the trainer. As the Change Manager you often become the “face” of the project and being involved in the project from the start allows you to gain a deeper understanding of the organisation, its people and the impact of the change. This knowledge and understanding allows the Change Manager to frame the training specifically to the organisation, incorporating those nuances that they’ve learned about over the duration of the project.

For the organisation, it means consistency with a critical component of the change. The Change Manager is able to answer any questions that arise whether it’s about the project, the training or other changes within the organisation related to the project. This provides a high level of reassurance for people going through the change and allows them to focus on getting ready, willing and able to adapt to the change.