Whenever Microsoft say they are changing something to make it less confusing, most of us get a little cynical.  The reality is that there are so many Microsoft tools we use every day, that it can be confusing,  From Windows to Office to Teams to Dynamics and Azure, there is a huge product range and some of these are sold in bundles that work across these categories.

That’s what Microsoft are addressing with Microsoft 365

[wow_colorme]Other than the name change, you shouldn’t see ANY difference.[/wow_colorme]

We gave you a heads-up about this a few weeks ago, and now it’s reality.  The Office name remains. Microsoft say “Office remains at the heart of Microsoft 365 Apps”. In fact, the Office 365 Enterprise plans are unchanged at this time.

Whatever you are used to, and using, won’t change.  You get the same amount of storage as before and the same apps and features.  The price is even the same.   But… the names are changing :

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Office 365 Business  EssentialsMicrosoft 365 Business Basic
Office 365 Business PremiumMicrosoft 365 Business Standard
Office 365 E1, E2, E5Office 365 E1, E2, E5 (unchanged)
Microsoft Office 365 BusinessMicrosoft 35 Business Premium
Office 365 BusinessMicrosoft 365 Apps for Business
Office 365 Pro PlusMicrosoft 365 Apps for Enterprise

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What isn’t changing :

  • Subscription prices
  • Product features

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These are just the most common plans.  There are hundreds, including charity and academic and various specialised apps.  We’re happy to help you with any questions.

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