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Digital Transformation and Culture Change

                        Te Whangai Trust is a community-led enterprise that equips and advocates for people who find it challenging to enter/re-enter the labour market. It was established as a Charitable Trust in September, 2007 by the Daltons who had the passion and mission to nurture everyone with work and [...]

Office 365 – Ideas

Microsoft introduces Ideas in Excel to provide you with fast, automated, insightful analysis about your [...]

Simplifying Excel

The Kambium team are all MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) certified in Excel. We can help you make sense of complex Excel spreadsheets and introduce good practice for your [...]

Easy data analysis with Table Tools

Excel has made it easier to analyse small or large tables of data using Table Tools. All it takes are few clicks. 1.   Click somewhere in your data 2.  Click Format as Table > select a colour > confirm the data location for your table is correct > click OK                 3.  The ribbon displays the [...]

Restoring a previous version

If you store files in OneDrive or SharePoint version history is switched on by default. This means you can review, compare and restore earlier versions of a file. Restore has saved me on many occasions where I’ve edited content, saved it and then wanted to get back to where I started. This works for all files store in OneDrive and SharePoint e.g. [...]

8 Excel FAILS to avoid

  As we go about our happy days teaching people to work smarter and faster, we see a lot of crazy workarounds.  Nothing makes us happier than the "wooooooow" moment someone realises there is a much, MUCH better way to do their work.  Here are 8 of the worst workarounds we've seen... WARNING - don't get cocky after reading the first few and [...]